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Team behind The Mozart Project to headline the iBooks Author Conference in October

James Fairclough and Harry Farnham, co-founders of UK-based Pipedreams Media, will provide one of

Design team changes at Apple; iBooks Author and the iPhone

Apple announces that Jony Ive gets new title of Chief Design Officer, while day-to-day


UK custom publisher Caspian Media launches stand-alone app for Professional Engineering

The official magazine of the UK’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers offers readers free access

First look: Museum iD from Brighton digital media design firm Surface Impression

This is the first app to be seen inside the Newsstand from a developer

First look: Travelers Universe, a free digital-only magazine for iOS, Android, and Amazon

This new digital magazine dispenses with the traditional idea of a magazine cover and


Rusbridger ends 20 year run as editor of the Guardian today; Hastert indictment story leads

Rusbridger leaves his post as editor with the Guardian positioned as a major voice

Following closing of acquisition, Tribune Publishing lays off 178 at San Diego Union-Tribune

Tribune Publishing laid off 178 staffers at the San Diego Union-Tribune yesterday the paper

Lee Enterprises to put St. Louis Post-Dispatch headquarters building up for sale

“We are a 21st-century media company operating in a mid 20th-century building,” said Publisher


Charles Arms named director of corporate communications at Lee Enterprises

Arms succeeds Dan Hayes, who has retired as a vice president after 45 years

Neil Janowitz joins Vulture as editorial director

Janowitz was previously the assistant managing editor of and senior editor at Sports

Michele Crockett name editor-in-chief of Active Interest Media’s Vegetarian Times

Before joining AIM, Crockett was vice president of Media Sales at F+W, and prior


Google unveils new photo app and service, and launches Cardboard app for the iPhone

Google I/O keynote introduces plenty for developers, but not much drama If you are an

PC makers continue to push their cheap tablets into a market that has long since moved on

Remembering the brief moment when the attention of all media executives were squarely on

Shazam app introduces visual recognition capabilities as company expands to partnerships with global brands

The problem with so many apps is that they are one-trick ponies, designed to