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Advertise on Talking New Media. Read by thousands of publishing professionals worldwide, TNM is the authoritative source for news, information and opinion involving digital publishing. Read by executives, journalists, sales professionals, designers and circulation professionals involved in digital media in the newspaper, magazine, book publishing and Internet media trades.

TNM reaches the executives you need in order to sell your digital publishing solutions, technology, equipment, services tied to production, content and advertising.

TNM’s editorial content covers the emerging mobile and tablet publishing platforms, as well as web publishing, and even, believe it or not, print publishing (people still do that I believe).

The Website:

Talking New Media officially launched on January 4, 2010 as rumors spread that Apple would launch a tablet. TNM has covered the first media mobile apps, and the appearance of the first tablet publications. TNM moved off Google’s Blogger platform in late June of 2013 and is now a self-hosted WordPress website.

TNM coverage has included news of the sale of Reed Business Information properties, the closing (and then reopening) of Editor & Publisher. The rise of new digital magazine platforms such as Next Issue and Nomad Editions, as well as continuous coverage of established media firms such as Gannett, The New York Times Co., and Condé Nast.

TNM has featured interviews with the movers and shakers of the media world, as well as new start-ups.

TNM is part of TNM Digital Media LLC, a digital publishing start-up.


Since its relaunch in July of 2013, TalkingNewMedia.com’s audience has more than doubled to over 25,000 readers per month, and a million page views per year. TNM reaches digital publishing professionals in 139 countries. (Approximately half of TNM readers work in the U.S.)

The Rates:

Ad rates for 2014 are now available. Contact TNM to receive the rate card for direct advertising.

Because TNM is a B2B website, ad space is only accepted on a flat fee basis (rather than a click per view or cost per thousand impressions basis). End of campaign reports are available only when advertising is schedule and billed through Google Adsense Direct (contact us for more information on this new service).