June 22, 2013 Last Updated 1:31 pm

About TNM

Why Talking New Media?:

TNM is a news, information and commentary website for the digital publishing industry – magazines, newspapers and books. Launched in January of 2010, three weeks before the introduction of the iPad, TNM has evolved from a website built on Google’s Blogger platform, to a self-hosted news website (redesigned and relaunched on July 1, 2013).

Talking New Media covers all things digital publishing, but has focused much of its attention on tablet publishing – Apple Newsstand apps, interactive eBooks, mobile and tablet newspapers. But with the demise of the Newsstand, and Apple’s failure to maintain and redesign its App Store, the rise of tablet editions has been depressed.

Today, TNM is concerned not only with digital publishing, but the fate of publishing and the free press, in general. In 2017, TNM will shift to cover the issues facing all news and information publishers, and will attempt to provide perspective, as well as news.

TNM is part of TNM Digital Media LLC, a start-up digital publishing company. TNMDM publishes print and eBooks, as well as this website, and the occasional second or third experimental website (such as PoliMedia.press which covered the intersection of politics and the press during the 2016 presidential race).

About the Publisher

The publisher of Talking New Media is Douglas B. Hebbard, a 30+ year veteran of the newspaper and magazine publishing industry. Hebbard started his career at Hearst Newspapers at the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, and worked for several other newspaper chains before being recruited to the McGraw-Hill Companies to publish the company’s 100+ year old construction daily newspaper. There, he launched his first magazine. He was eventually recruited to Chicago where he published several trade magazines before being hired by Reed Business Information (then still known as Cahners). Hebbard has worked in media mergers and acquisitions, and has assisted many publishers with both acquiring and selling media properties.