December 15, 2017 Last Updated 1:19 pm

Condé Nast licenses product-level purchase data from Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Data designed to enhance audience-based buying capabilities for magazine publisher’s CPG, beauty and OTC advertisers

NEW YORK, NY – December 12, 2017 – Condé Nast today announced that it has licensed product-level purchase data from Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) to enhance audience-based buying capabilities for its CPG, beauty and OTC advertisers. Condé Nast will be the first company to use this purchase data to predict future consumer behavior.

This relationship enhances Condé Nast’s proprietary data and optimization platform, Spire, with the addition of NCS data, allowing advertisers to access standard and custom purchase-based audience segments and optimize campaign tactics such as creative execution or ad placement type based on real-time brand sales trends while a campaign is in flight. Using an automated technology bridge between NCS and Condé Nast’s data, Condé Nast will also be able to combine NCS data with it’s own first-party and client data for audience profiling.

“Today, advertisers are looking for faster data, without compromising quality. We’ve been working not only to deliver sales results more quickly, but to also allow our clients to interact with our data in a self-service manner,” said Lance Brothers, Chief Revenue Officer, Nielsen Catalina Solutions. “Condé Nast is on the leading edge of using our audience data for ongoing profiling and analytics, and offering advertisers campaign optimization using real-time sales trend data while their campaigns are still running.”

Spire launched in 2015 to connect online behavioral data with online and offline purchase data, allowing real-time campaign optimization at a highly personalized level. The addition of NCS data to the Spire platform follows two years of key growth, including the 2015 acquisition of 1010data, the 2017 acquisition of CitizenNet, and data partnerships with Jumpshot, IMS and Crossix.

“We are excited to work with NCS and offer our partners the ability to utilize product-level purchase data to optimize campaigns in real-time, provide actionable intelligence and drive sales,” said Karthic Bala, head of data strategy for Condé Nast. “This combination of data with Spire’s unparalleled optimization capabilities further positions Condé Nast as a best-in-class partner for clients.”

“The rapid speed of change in consumers’ purchasing behavior has created a significant need with regards to the evolution of audience-based buying strategies in contextually brand safe environments,” said Craig Kostelic, Chief Business Officer of The Lifestyle Collection at Condé Nast. “We are thrilled to collaborate with NCS on a product that enables a heightened understanding of purchase behavior in real time to ensure we are maximizing the bottom-line impact of our brand partnerships.”

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