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MediaValet launches ‘Content Publishing and Engagement Analytics’ platform

The new platform is designed to enable organizations to streamline their content distribution and optimize their marketing spend on both media creation and placement

VANCOUVER, BC — December 6, 2017 – MediaValet Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based digital asset management software, today announced the launch of its innovative new Content Publishing and Engagement Analytics platform. MediaValet’s customers can now publish media assets directly from within MediaValet to an unlimited number of owned and 3rd party digital channels, track extensive usage data, and analyze the impact of each asset, channel, and campaign.

MediaValet’s new Publishing and Analytics platform, enables organizations to streamline their content distribution and optimize their marketing spend on both media creation and placement. Directly from within MediaValet, authorized users can now select an asset and generate the embed code necessary to easily stream the asset to any owned or 3rd party digital channels and web properties. The resulting usage data is tracked and charted by MediaValet’s Engagement Analytics platform.

To support and optimize how marketing teams work today, MediaValet’s Content Publishing platform allows customers to publish assets across an unlimited number of digital channels and web properties from a single, centralized location. This single-point-of-distribution approach to publishing media assets will help organizations control their brand integrity, create operational efficiencies and increase marketing ROI.

Once code is embedded, it begins collecting information on how an asset is being viewed and how often. User engagement data, from all embed locations, includes the number of unique and repeat views, and the time, minutes or pages viewed for each asset. Metrics are provided per asset, per location and per user defined campaign. Marketing teams can use the collected engagement data to identify which assets, digital channels and web properties drive the highest audience engagement, and to guide future content development.

“Digital asset management systems need to do more than simply store, manage and protect assets,” commented David MacLaren, founder and CEO of MediaValet. “By enabling our customers to identify their top performing marketing assets and digital channels, we can help them maximize the ROI of their marketing spend, drive more sales, and increase their bottom line.”

Continued MacLaren, “We’re excited to launch another innovative solution that makes marketers’ lives easier, helps achieve business objectives, and drives business forward.”

MediaValet’s Content Publishing and Analytics platform is now available to all customers. The base package, free to all, provides Engagement Minutes to support several campaigns per month. For those that want to purchase additional Engagement Minutes, packages are available.