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Publisher of Linux Journal says November was its last issue

Most computer and software magazines have long since been shuttering or moved to digital-only strategies, but the Linux area still had two publications… that is, until now

Claming it has run out of money, Carlie Fairchild, the publisher of Linux Journal, said today that the November issue would be the publication’s last.

“The simple fact is that we’ve run out of money, and options along with it,” Fairchild wrote on the magazine’s website. “We never had a wealthy corporate parent or deep pockets of our own, and that made us an anomaly among publishers, from start to finish. While we got to be good at flying close to the ground for a long time, we lost what little elevation we had in November, when the scale finally tipped irrevocably to the negative.”

“(T)he advertising world we have today would rather chase eyeballs, preferably by planting tracking beacons in readers’ browsers and zapping them with ads anywhere those readers show up. But that future isn’t here, and the past is long gone.”

According to the publisher, the magazine will not be able to return subscriber money, but has swung a deal with Linux Pro Magazine to offer those left with magazines six free issues of the competitor. “In our time of need, they were the first ones there for us, and we are thankful for their gracious offer,” Fairchild wrote.

The magazine has also completed its 2017 archive which it would normally sell but will now be sent to subscribers for free.

“It has been a great run, folks,” concluded Fairchild. “A big hats-off to everyone who contributed to our birth, our success and our persistence over these many years. We’d run the credits now, but the list would be too long, and the risk of leaving worthy people out would be too high. You know who you are. Our thanks again.”