November 30, 2017 Last Updated 1:21 pm

The winner of the ‘Fake News Trophy’ is Fox News, according to new Rasmussen Reports poll

President Trump earlier this week had tweeted that ‘We should have a contest as to which of the Networks… is the most dishonest’ but didn’t want Fox News included in contest. Oh well, you can’t always get want you want.

The polling firm Rasmussen Reports decided to take the president up on a recent challenge to find the news outlet that produces the most fake news. So the polling firm set about producing a quick poll, and despite the president not wanting Fox News included, Rasmussen including them. The president won’t like the results.

“Trump suggested earlier this week that the media should award an annual Fake News Award for the worst coverage of his presidency but left Fox News out of the running since it is the only network the president and his supporters believe gives him fair coverage,” Rasmussen reported.

“But 40% of all voters think Fox News should be the winner of the first annual Fake News Trophy.”

CNN, the network the president likes least, came in second, but far off the pace at 25 percent. MSNBC, which even liberal viewers know is pretty tilted, was only accused of producing fake news by 9 percent of respondents. Overall, 1,000 likely voters were surveyed.

Only 16 percent of those surveyed said fake news is not a problem, while 47 percent said it is a big one.

Rasmussen is generally seen as a conservative polling outfit, so this might be a something that Fox News executives will have a hard time disputing.

The polling outfit PPP (Public Policy Polling) has a habit of also conducting odd polls, slipping in a unique questions in otherwise normal surveys. For instance, in 2011 they asked an approval question: “If God exists, do you approve or disapprove of its performance?” (52% said “approve).

Maybe their most famous question was whether the person surveyed supported bombing Agrabah. It turned out that 30 percent of Republicans were all in for bombing the mythical country from the movie Aladdin.

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