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Live event sports company B2Digital acquires Colosseum Combat LLC of Indiana

TAMPA, Fla. — November 21, 2017 — B2Digital, Incorporated announced today that it has acquired Colosseum Combat LLC of Indiana. The acquisition is effective immediately.

With this announcement, B2Digital has now acquired two top MMA promotion companies and continues to work on its strategy of developing and building a Minor League for the MMA marketplace. Pursuant to the terms of the acquisition agreement, B2Digital acquired 100% of the equity interests in Colosseum Combat LLC for a combination of cash and shares of B2Digital’s restricted common stock.

Colosseum Combat and Hardrock MMA will begin operating immediately as part of the B2 Fighting Series with the Upcoming Colosseum Combat 42 on December 2nd and Hardrock MMA 95 on December 9.

B2Digital will continue its strategy to acquire additional MMA Companies and build the B2Digital brand in the MMA industry by sponsoring more MMA fights for additional fight promotions companies.

The B2Digital social media network’s past successful FTF (Free to Fans) sponsored broadcasts of LIVE MMA Events have resulted in over 1.5 million social media connections since September 1st of this year. B2Digital expects that its social media connections will continue to grow as it continues its B2 Fighting Series LIVE events and sponsorship of other LIVE MMA Events.

“B2Digital’s holdings continue to expand with both the Hardrock MMA and Colosseum Combat acquisitions. I am quite pleased that Colosseum Combat’s team, who has experience promoting and operating over 40 LIVE events, will stay on to operate Colosseum Combat under B2’s management. We are hopeful that these acquisitions will continue B2’s growth as a premier MMA LIVE Events Sports Company,” said Greg P. Bell, Chairman & CEO of B2Digital.

“We have been looking for ways to grow Colosseum Combat and the expertise of Mr. Bell being available to work with us in developing Colosseum Combat was a key part of my decision to become part of the B2 Fighting Series and join the B2Digital group of companies. This will allow us to supply our Champions and Fighters with additional opportunities to develop their MMA skills and a road to move up into the MMA Major Leagues, ” said Mark Slater, President and owner of Colosseum Combat.