November 15, 2017 Last Updated 4:11 pm

Lawyer for Roy Moore threatens lawsuit against Alabama Media Group; Russian troll turns out to be just a bored Scot

Afternoon news update: it’s a crazy, wacky world out there, TNM recommends digging a bomb shelter, putting in a Christmas tree, closing the hatch, and not coming out for a while

The news in the real world — that is, outside of publishing — is so crazy and has been for a while, that it is hard to think about writing about digital magazines, newspapers or books, though that is why this site was launched. But that was a long time ago.

In fact, it was almost eight years ago that I wrote a short post entitled Time previews Sports Illustrated tablet magazine, and posted on TNM’s Blogspot website, though I did not plan on formally launching the site for another month. During that time period, December 2009 until Apple’s iPad event in late January, there was a ton of industry news: Reed Business Information was selling off its B2B magazines; Nielsen had dumped Editor & Publisher; and, of course, there was talk about what Apple might launch in the way of a tablet.

Today, however, how does one compete with the world outside publishing? Today, for instance, six Democrats filed five Articles of Impeachment against President Trump… and that news isn’t even on the first page of my Google News app.

Still, much of the news intersects with the media, so here is a late afternoon rundown for TNM readers: We will not be silenced or slowed by Roy Moore’s threat

The Alabama Media Group, publisher of, and an Advance Publications property, has been threatened with a lawsuit by Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore and his lawyer. I don’t think the folks at are sweating it, it doesn’t appear Moore’s lawyer knows much about media law, and seems to think that folks up in Canada engage in arranged marriages involving 14 year olds.

Moore appears determined to stay in the Senate race, and with election day still four weeks off there is still time for more fireworks. How it all ends is anybody’s guess are there are conflicting polls recently released, each showing one of the candidates ahead. As FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver tweeted, it is become fashionable to predict a Moore victory, just to be contrarian.

‘I’m not a Russian troll – I’m a security guard from Glasgow’

If The Scotsman’s headline isn’t the best one of the year, well, it’s a damn good one.

“An alleged Russian online troll named on a prominent news website is actually a security guard from Glasgow, The Scotsman can reveal,” the paper said this afternoon.

Journalists are digging into just how these trolls are in social media, are they Russian troll farms, alt-right harassers? Sometimes, it turns out, they are just bored people at work.

“I work 12 hour shifts, often standing at a gate for hours on end – posting on Twitter helps pass the time,” said a Scot who wanted his name kept secret so he wouldn’t lose his job.

“People might not agree with my opinions, but that doesn’t make me a Russian troll.”

You’ll Never Be As Happy As Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Is Looking At Money With His Signature On It

If Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and his wife, Louise Linton aren’t the ugliest Americans, I’d hate to be introduced to who beats them.

An AP picture of Mnuchin and Linton hold a sheet of dollar bills has made it around the world, and it reeks of oligarchy.

You’ll remember Lindon from her Instagram posting with every other word was a hashtag of a luxury fashion brand: “Great #daytrip to #Kentucky! #nicest #people #beautiful #countryside #rolandmouret pants #tomford sunnies, #hermesscarf #valeninorocksstudheels #valentino #usa”

#is #this #really #how #rich people #talk #online?

Zimbabwe takeover seems like a coup, African Union says

It used to be that when a guy wearing a military uniform went on television saying that the armed forces were taking over the country people believed it. But thanks to the bizarre coup in Turkey which may simply have been a ruse to institute a crackdown on opponents, one really doesn’t know these days.

The BBC describe the odd thing going on in the African nation:

“A Zimbabwean army officer, Major General Sibusiso Moyo, went on air to say the military was targeting “criminals” around President Mugabe. “This is not a military takeover of government,” he insisted.

President Robert Mugabe is 93 years old, and many people would be happy to see him leave. Maybe the military is the only answer in this situation. But, to be honest, military coups are so last century, don’t you think?

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