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Fatherly appoints Josh Abrams as Senior Vice President, Sales, and Chris Boylan as VP, Technology

The media brand Fatherly today announced new hires for the digital publication for dads.

Josh Abrams was named Senior Vice President, Sales. He comes comes to Fatherly from Turner and Bleacher Report where he has served as the Vice President of Sales for the previous seven years. Prior to that, he was the Director of Sales for Broadband Enterprises and College Humor.

“Josh has proven himself as a successful leader three times over in growing digital media businesses,” said Mike Rothman, CEO & Co-Founder. “This is a space that changes on a weekly basis and Josh is deeply attuned to how the landscape is evolving and what works for marketers now and what will work tomorrow. He’s been following Fatherly since inception and given his personal and professional growth in the men’s lifestyle category, this is the perfect fit at the right time.”

I’ve had my eye on Fatherly for a long time now. They’ve kept me hooked. It’s probably the one thing I subscribe to and read every day,” said Josh Abrams, SVP, Sales. “Dads are an incredibly influential audience segment that have been ignored by publishers for far too long. Fatherly hits on this white space and can offer brands a more meaningful way to break through the clutter and engage the fast-growing demo of Millennial Parents. I’m excited to play a key role in the growth of this dynamic media company that can deliver this audience to partners and most importantly, will make dads’ lives easier. That’s the clearest sense of purpose I’ve had in years.”

Additionally, Fatherly recently appointed Chris Boylan as VP, Technology. Chris joins fatherly from Wenner Media, where he served as the Director of Engineering overseeing Us Weekly, Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal and Glixel.