November 9, 2017 Last Updated 2:23 pm

Washington Post and NYT have their stories leaked, disputed, in advance of publishing

The Post’s story about Senate candidate Roy Moore is attacked by Breitbart, while the NYT’s story is leaked and causes the cancelation of the NYC premiere of Louis C.K.‘s new film ‘I Love You, Daddy’

One supposed that turnabout is fair play. The New York Times and The Washington Post live by getting leaks, especially today with Donald Trump’s especially leaky White House. But today Breitbart News and the New York Post got ahead of stories about to appear on those two newspaper websites.

Breitbart News played interference for the Roy Moore campaign knowing The Washington Post was about to drop a hot story about the Republican nominee for the open Senate seat from Alabama. Moore is a former state supreme court justice, twice removed from the bench for failing to uphold the law. Now he is in an unexpectedly tough race with a Democrat to win the election in early December.

The Post says that Moore, who is now 70, initiated a sexual encounter with a 14 year old in early 1979, when Moore was 32. Nasty stuff that doesn’t have to repeated here, you can read the Post’s story, bylined by Stephanie McCrummen, Beth Reinhard and Alice Crites, here.

Of interest to TNM was Breitbart’s preemptive move to publish an attack on the story before it hit the Post’s website.

If you are not familiar with the way Breitbart works, the story on their site might surprise you… once you get past the headline. It is fairly straight forward, simply recapping the Post’s story. What Breitbart tends to do, however, is signal its position with the headline. In this way readers move right from there to the comments thread. One would guess that the stories are actually rarely read, indignation is the goal.

The Breitbart story already has over 4,000 comments on it, while the Post’s own story looks to have the comments turned off. But the story has been picked up whole by the Advance newspaper in Alabama and there the comments are open.

The New York Times, too, has a story that was leaking and causing a backlash. It is supposedly about to, and now just has, dropped a story about an allegation against Louis C.K. This has caused The Orchard to cancel Thursday’s New York premiere of Louis C.K.‘s new film “I Love You, Daddy.”

One can see why this story might have adverse effects:

As soon as they sat down in his room, still wrapped in their winter jackets and hats, Louis C.K. asked if he could take out his penis, the women said.

They thought it was a joke and laughed it off. “And then he really did it,” Ms. Goodman said in an interview with The New York Times. “He proceeded to take all of his clothes off, and get completely naked, and started masturbating.”


The black and white film, in case you are not familiar with it, is sort of a homage to Woody Allen’s Manhattan, and also alludes to Allen himself. In the film, a 17-year old daughter of a TV producer (the producer is played by C.K.) falls in love with a 68-year-old filmmaker, played by John Malkovich.

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