November 6, 2017 Last Updated 9:25 am

Artificial intelligence marketing firm Tinyclues launches North American operations

PARIS & LONDON & NEW YORK — November 6, 2017 — Tinyclues, provider of a leading artificial intelligence (AI)-first marketing solution, today announced its launch in North America.

Tinyclues, launched in 2013, has been expanding rapidly in Europe out of London and Paris, where brands such as Club Med, Lacoste, Manor, Thomas Cook and, are among those boosting campaign revenues with Tinyclues. The nimble, AI-first marketing solutionredefines the way marketers target and interact with consumers. Brands that integrate Tinyclues with their existing campaign management or email solutions are reporting campaign revenue increases of between 30 and 240 percent, versus traditional targeting and campaign planning methods.

“North American consumers are receiving ever more communications from brands, which makes it hard for marketers to earn engagement and grow campaign revenues,” said David Bessis, founder and CEO of Tinyclues. “Tinyclues’ AI-first marketing platform predicts future buyers with incredible accuracy, allowing brands to present highly relevant product offers to audiences, cut through the noise and win engagement.”

Bessis continued: “Launching in North America is an exciting step in the growth of Tinyclues. We’re impressed by the enthusiasm our solution is generating in the United States and in Canada, as brands seek to drive customer engagement and revenue with an AI-first solution designed around their real business needs.”

In January 2018, Tinyclues will showcase its AI-first marketing solution at NRF’s Retail Big Show in New-York and will unveil its most recent successes in North America.

Using the Tinyclues Deep AI marketing platform, leading brands can:

Tinyclues believes that by 2020, AI will have redefined how B2C marketers interact with their customers by taking guesswork and grind out of the equation. Launching in North America will help Tinyclues to continue to lead this market and execute upon this vision.

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