November 1, 2017 Last Updated 4:54 pm

The Daily Beast launches new vertical ‘Hunt for the Cure’

Exclusively sponsored by Pfizer, the new vertical will be led by The Daily Beast’s new science editor Tanya Basu

New York, NY – November 1, 2017 – Today, the Daily Beast, an IAC company, launched a new vertical, Hunt for the Cure, aimed at uncovering the breakthroughs in medical research from scientists on a mission to understand and combat the world’s most intractable diseases. Exclusively sponsored by Pfizer in its first year, Hunt for the Cure will combine fast-paced story-telling, investigative journalism, and expert insight to examine the innovations that are revolutionizing global health. The Beast’s science editor, Tanya Basu—who previously oversaw science coverage for Inverse, a digital publication focused on the future of innovation, science, and culture—has been tapped to lead Hunt for the Cure, as well as define and grow The Beast’s broader extension into science coverage.

Hunt for the Cure will take an optimistic, curious look at the groundbreaking techniques that scientists and doctors are using to solve medical issues and cure diseases. But it’s not going to be anything like traditional medical news,” said Tanya Basu, The Beast’s new science editor. “Instead, we’ll focus on storytelling, showcasing new techniques and methods that just might solve the diseases of our time.”

She continued, “It’s going to be powerful journalism that combines profiles, concise but accessible analysis, and in-depth reporting to explain how scientists are using breakthrough discoveries to attack our most troubling diseases—from cancer to Alzheimer’s, diabetes to depression. Maybe even the common cold.”

Live today, Hunt for the Cure is sponsored by Pfizer, allowing the company  total share of voice across The Beast’s journalism, analysis, and in-depth reporting. Pfizer will also be able to directly integrate its scientists’ stories into the experience through a custom, branded video series titled, “Cure Hunters.” Developed by The Daily Beast, the videos will spotlight people, stories, and research, featuring Pfizer’s Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Freda C. Lewis Hall, M.D., DFAPA.

“There are amazing people, technologies, and treatments coming together to tackle the most dreaded  diseases,” said Sally Susman, Pfizer’s Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs. “The Daily Beast combines mission-driven, top-notch investigative journalism with bold, fearless story-telling. We’re excited about this new avenue for our scientists to tell their inspiring stories.”

Hunt for the Cure is the first pillar of The Daily Beast’s first editorial vertical dedicated to science coverage. In 2018, The Daily Beast plans to expand this effort into a comprehensive science section, focusing on groundbreaking work in climate science, space, artificial intelligence, and more.

“Surfacing science’s pivotal role and positive impact on our ability to thrive can be a source of hope and inspiration for our readers in these politically divisive times,” said Heather Dietrick, President and Publisher, The Daily Beast. “With Pfizer and Hunt for the Cure, The Daily Beast is embarking on its first foray into science coverage—an area we intend to heavily lean into in the year ahead.”

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