October 27, 2017 Last Updated 1:57 pm

US and UK media outlets play catch-up after Catalan parliament declares the republic

With so little coverage of the developments in Spain, readers were caught by surprise today to see push notifications and tweets about events in Europe

The vote in the Catalan parliament was overwhelmingly for creating a new republic for the region. Almost immediately news outlets in the US and UK had to react to the news, and for their readers it was a shock.

None of the major US or UK papers featured events in Spain on their front pages this morning, despite their correspondents knowing that the issue would come to a head today. Spain’s prime minister intended to invoke Article 155, ending the region’s autonomy — and Catalan’s parliament, in response, would vote on independence.

It was shocking to see the news judgements of some newspaper editors, especially in the UK, where one would have thought Thursday was a day without news.

One can understand, of course, that many editors see “foreign” news as something for the inside pages. Looking back at old issues of The New York Times one is sometimes surprised to see major events in world history treated as minor news stories.

It is clear that now that editors are now adjusting. The NYT just sent out a push notification to readers, and it is likely that many of them are wondering where this story came from — again, this is to be expected. Still, is it every day that a new nation is born?

Oh well, as TNM readers know, I’ve been all over this for a while, doing what I can — which is very little — to convince publishers that this is THE story right now. If Robert Mueller comes out today with charges everything changes. But no stupid tweet from the president, no minor legislation or celebrity news should trump the birth of a nation. (Its death, which is very likely, will also be major news.)

I have had my say, so I will get off my high horse now, but one more thing: I think I was right to stress events in Catalunya. Here is TNM traffic this morning spiking following the vote:

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