October 24, 2017 Last Updated 10:28 am

Quartz at Work looks to reinvent business management reporting

The new brand from Atlantic Media’s Quartz looks ‘to serve readers in the open space between individual entrepreneurs’ blog posts and traditional management journals’

Two weeks ago the Atlantic Media website Quartz launched a new vertical Quartz at Work, as a subdomain of its main website. The site is about “being a better manager, building a career, and navigating the modern workplace,” according to its About Us page.

Not so much as a new B2B website as it is a complimentary site for Quartz’s general business coverage.

“Quartz believes that management reporting is due for a reinvention. Quartz at Work exists to serve readers in the open space between individual entrepreneurs’ blog posts and traditional management journals—engaging with the most interesting ideas and practices around the world,” Heather Landy, editor of Quartz at Work told TNM in an email exchange. “Quartz readers are post-national, ascendant professionals who are savvy about technology, finance, and the global business landscape, and are probably balancing many pursuits outside of work, including their families, and they’re not currently served by content that’s truly in sync with all of that.”

“Quartz at Work will report on the workplace in a way that people experience, but don’t often read about, with the aim of growing communities around these topics. Our editorial obsessions include productivity and creativity, workplace inclusion, the design of organizations, the art of managing others, and the purpose of companies.”

Like the main Quartz website, Quartz at Work will be supported by advertising. I was presented with an ad from Prudential Financial this morning, while Workplace by Facebook and The Lincoln Motor Company are also launch partners.

Ads at Quartz are custom built for the platform by the in-house Quartz Creative team. The main site offers two ad formats: Engage, a large banner ad format; and Bulletin, a native advertising format. One assumes that same will apply for Quartz at Work.

Heather Landy has been the global news editor and managing editor at Quartz, before taking on her new assignment as editor of Quartz At Work. Before joining Quartz in 2014, Landy was editor-in-chief of SourceMedia’s American Banker magazine. Landy has a BSJ and MSJ from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

As a former B2B magazine publisher I was curious to ask about Quartz’s take on B2B:

“Modern B2B means reaching the professionals in your audience the same way any good media outlet reaches readers today—with high-quality content that is written for humans, that respects their time, and is as legible on mobile as on desktop. It also means doing something that I think B2B has been pretty great at from the start, which is adding value even to readers who already are sophisticated thinkers on whatever sector or topic it is that you’re covering,” Landy said.

Atlantic Media recently announced that the Emerson Collective, a group funded by Laurene Powell Jobs, would be acquiring the company from owner David Bradley. The Atlantic, the company’s flagship magazine, has been making quite a bit of noise with additions to its editorial staff. In August the magazine announced that Rachel Donadio, recently the European culture correspondent for The New York Times, would join as The Atlantic’s culture and politics writer based in Paris, and Yasmeen Serhan would joins the newly established London bureau as a reporter. The Atlantic also in August relaunched its iOS app, partnering with NYC studio Lickability (see more on the app here)

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