October 13, 2017 Last Updated 9:15 am

Guest Column: What to expect from the new Digital Book World

Bradley Metrock, the CEO of Score Publishing, announced today that his company had acquired the Digital Book World conference from F+W Media, here is what to expect going forward

We live in a world where everyone individually, and every organization collectively, is a publisher. Whether it’s full-blown books, or case studies and white papers, or long-form content on the web, audio content like audiobooks and podcasts, multi-modal content like interactive books and mixed-media works, and much more. We’re a publisher nation.

Digital Book World has a rich legacy of influence and impact. We will be making a variety of changes that will seek to build on this foundation of success.

In the weeks and months to come, we will be reaching out far and wide to partner with anyone and everyone we believe has value to the vast community of publishers. Expect to see some surprising and valuable alliances as we re-tool DBW.

We will leverage our VoiceFirst.FM media network, which is enjoyed in 46 countries worldwide, to provide rich technological expertise in the realm of voice-first computing to the programming lineup as well.

Publishers right now are trying to decipher how best to bring existing content into a world where people interact with computers with their voice first, and keyboards and screens second. Amidst a raft of technologies impacting old media and new media which we’ll explore at Digital Book World, this sea change to voice computing – yes, led by Amazon – will sit front and center.

And the keynotes? Expect some surprises there too. (Good surprises!)

Thank you for being part of the publishing community. We hope to see you October 2-4 in Nashville for Digital Book World.

Bradley Metrock is CEO of Score Publishing, host of VoiceFirst.FM shows This Week In Voice and The VoiceFirst Roundtable, and executive producer of The Alexa Conference and Digital Book World.

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