October 4, 2017 Last Updated 10:19 am

Democrats want to expand law forcing social media companies to disclose political ads

Two senators are currently seeking co-sponsors for a bill that would require digital platforms to comply with the same election ad rules currently be adhered to by broadcast, cable and satellite providers

The big social media companies would love to continue to run themselves like start-ups, but serious miscues during the fall of last year is likely to end the honeymoon: they will likely be forced to be more accountable regarding the political advertising they get each election cycle.

CNN reported that last week Democratic Senators Amy Klobuchar and Mark Warner began circulating a letter looking for co-sponsors for a bill that would force social media companies to disclose political spending on their platforms. Today, Vice News picked up on the same story. So far, at least, neither Senator has released anything official regarding their efforts.

“(T)his legislation would require digital platforms, in addition to broadcast, cable and satellite providers, to make reasonable efforts to ensure that electioneering communications are not purchased by a foreign national, directly or indirectly,” the letter being circulated says

While Facebook has been at the center of the controversy, being less than candid with what it would disclose about Russian ad spending until forced to, there are other big tech in the same situation.

For Twitter, the issue really is fake accounts, bots and other anonymous actors who flood the social media site with tweets. The company, unlike Facebook or Google, is not a profitable entity and is slow walking any changes. It recently announced an initiative to allow longer tweets, which seemed like a very clear attempt to distract from the real issues plaguing the social media company.

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