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Meredith launches new wellness brand, Strive, aimed at American Millennial women

The new brand’s content will live on Facebook as well as on the websites of five magazine brands: Martha Stewart, SHAPE, Better Homes & Gardens, Parents and EatingWell

The magazine business in the US is probably at such a point that many media observers outside the industry are probably wondering whether there will still be a mag business come 2018. They needn’t worry, there will be. But things are going to look quite different going forward.

For one thing, it is safe to say that there will be a few less players on the consumer side come 2018 and beyond. Rodale, it looks like, will be absorbed into Hearst, and Time Inc. will have only a handful of titles soon, just those that the management team feel can support and grow a video content business. (ICUMI: InStyle’s executive editor, Faye Penn, is bolting to become vice president of editorial at Lifetime. She only joined Time Inc. this February.)

The signs were there for anyone to see, but the magazine business is one that likes to delude itself into thinking things are going along swimmingly. Industry events are filled with speakers with names that have trademarks next to them, who speak of the resurgence of print. While the association that is supposed to represent publishers sent out ridiculous press releases that no one believed, most of all those in the industry. Credibility is shot.

Still, one can overreact to the doom and gloom, too. Radio didn’t disappear with the growth of television, and newspapers didn’t stop existing thanks to the Internet, though both have suffered. Some mediums adapted, others continue to try to adapt. But they all still exist. Magazines will, too, for one simple reason: there are readers still willing to pay for them.

What do you know, people like to read.

So, what to do? The answer is to continue to experiment, to launch new products, to adapt old ones, and most of all, sell like hell.

Meredith today announced the launch of a new brand: Strive.

Meredith is building the new brand through Facebook, as well as through five brands, Martha Stewart, SHAPE, Better Homes & Gardens, Parents and EatingWell.

It is a conservative way to launch a new brand, but it’s a launch, nonetheless.

It is also a launch into the wellness area, which, is interesting in that this is the area that has been dominated by Prevention for a while. But that Rodale brand has changed its model, becoming a reader supported, ad-less brand. That’s not where Meredith wants to go, one supposes.

Here is the announcement from Meredith for the launch of Strive:

NEW YORK, NY — September 28, 2017 — Meredith Corporation, the nation’s leading media and marketing company serving 110 million unduplicated U.S. women and 70 percent of American Millennial women, today announced the launch of Strive, the company’s new wellness brand. Strive content explores the art and science of healthy living, and the brand’s content will live on Facebook as well as on hubs across five leading Meredith digital and magazine brands: Martha Stewart, SHAPE, Better Homes & Gardens, Parents and EatingWell.

Strive content is backed by extensive research and medical review, so readers can follow the recommendations provided with confidence. Strive’s team includes established health journalists, nutritionists and wellness experts. Wellness topics covered by Strive span the spectrum of healthy living, including sleep, nutrition, fitness, and beauty.

“At Strive, we’re consumed with exploring what wellness means for all of us today,” said Jennifer Braunschweiger, Editor in Chief. “What does it mean to live a healthy life now? How is that question answered differently for every person? Our intensive review process means that every scientific claim is backed up with well-established medical studies—and we provide links to those studies in our stories so you can understand the science behind the recommendations.”

In addition to well-researched stories, Strive also provides women with practical health tips of the day, personal accounts of health transformation from readers, and product recommendations to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“We’ve seen a growing demand for health and wellness content,” said Marc Rothschild, SVP of Meredith Digital. “With Strive, we are filling that need for our users with content that is uniquely inspiring, actionable, and backed by science and data. Strive brings this content to millions of women across the Meredith Digital portfolio of brands, so she can engage with it wherever and however she wants.”

You can join the Strive community at and by visiting any of Strive’s content hubs within the Meredith Digital brands below: