September 25, 2017 Last Updated 2:38 pm

Apple releases minor update to iBooks Author

The update brings the eBook creation tool up to version 2.6, adds the ability to add photos and videos from the Mac’s Photo app, and support for wide color gamut images

The eBook creation app iBooks Author has received its first update in a year, a minor update that addresses none of the weaknesses of the program, but does provide a small level of proof that Apple still knows the software exists.

iBooks Author

The update brings the program up to version 2.6, and adds the ability to add images and videos from Photos, the Mac photo management app. There are some other minor changes, but nothing that a user of iBA will notice right away.

The program’s continued weakness is that one can create a pretty incredible interactive eBook for the iPad, but not for other devices. Apple added iPhone support back in 2015, giving users one of the most demanded features, but Apple decided that it would do so via ePub templates. The earlier iOS 8.4 update that same day had made it possible to open iBA created eBooks on the iPhone.

There are few people left who think Apple is very interested in digital publishing. Its latest iOS update killed off the subcategories inside Magazines & Newspapers rather than fixing them, and so makes finding new digital edition apps next to impossible. After Apple’s bad experience with the Justice Department and eBook pricing, many think Apple has thrown in the towel regarding book publishing, too.

Digital publishing and Apple, and especially Steve Jobs, has always been a thing. From the first Mac’s obvious love of fonts, to the creation of the iPad as a way to enjoy interactive eBooks, it always felt that Apple and the printed word, or digital word, would be closely associated. No longer. And that is a shame.

I wanted to see if there were any new reviews of iBA in the Mac app store and found that Apple’s review mechanism is quite broken.

One can read the first page of reviews, but going to the second page gave me nothing.

Yikes, yet another Apple app store that is broken.

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