September 20, 2017 Last Updated 8:25 am

Salon redesigns website with focus on mobile and video

NEW YORK, NY — September 19, 2017 — Salon Media Group, Inc. announced today that it has redesigned its website with new features and technology designed to enhance its user and commercial experiences across all digital platforms.

The redesigned site offers users, especially its rapidly growing mobile audience, an enhanced “multi-channel experience,” states Jordan Hoffner, CEO, Salon Media Group. “We are extremely focused on providing our highly engaged audiences with a product that serves their voracious appetite for news, politics, culture and innovation across articles, videos and podcasts.”

“We believe our audience will embrace the enhanced site experience on the multiple devices they use throughout the day to keep abreast of Salon’s breaking news, analysis and information. We also believe the new design which is the first in several years, will better support our fast growing, and highly popular interviews with news makers, documentaries and live video broadcasts.”

Hoffner notes that the redesigned site uses the latest standards in technology to ensure that it is fully optimized for both consumer audiences and marketers, and that it provides a “high-speed, state of the art experience for our audiences and the marketers, especially those within the programmatic area, who want to engage with them.”

He notes these improvements are especially important given the increase in Salon’s live video programming and the demand among marketers for improved performance in areas such as brand safety and viewability across the digital landscape.

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