September 5, 2017 Last Updated 1:36 pm

Fatherly appoints Tyghe Trimble as Branded Editorial Director

Trimble was previously Editorial Director at, having joined Wenner Media in 2011

The media brand Fatherly has hired Tyghe Trimble as Branded Editorial Director. Previously, Trimble served as the Editorial Director for Men’s Journal, overseeing special projects, interactive features and the expansion of the web team. With over ten years of experience in running a newsroom, Trimble has written for Popular Mechanics, Discover Magazine and Men’s Journal (prior to his promotion to Editorial Director).

Earlier this month Fatherly announced new Series A funding with the intention to scale across departments. While Trimble is the first hire post-funding, the company is currently hiring for an SVP of Sales, VP of Video to sit across Branded and Edit content, a Director of Technology and several other roles.

“Dads are having a moment,” said Trimble. “There are more enlightened, dedicated dads than ever before. The thing is, it’s tough to go all-in as a father. There’s still some lingering social stigma to being a caring patriarch – one that does diapers and takes off time from work or quits his job and puts his kids first — and as such, there aren’t publications that reflect our world. Fatherly isn’t just a stomping ground for dedicated parents, it’s a place that shows where the institution of fatherhood itself is going; and we’re painting a hopeful future for kids everywhere.

“I’ve spent years asking for Tyghe’s guidance because he was a great boss when I worked for him and he’s got intelligence and integrity out the ears,” said Andrew Burmon, EIC, Fatherly. “He’s coming to Fatherly because he gets what we’re doing and genuinely wants to help produce inspiring, helpful, and truly original work for our readers in concert with our many partners. He will do exactly that because, laudable personal qualities aside, he’s a talented editor.”

“As we triple down on the branded content that we create for marketers, we are tapping experienced journalists to help parlay the same quality and integrity of our editorial to the content we produce for our advertising partners,” said Mike Rothman, CEO, Fatherly.

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