August 28, 2017 Last Updated 10:46 am

New digital magazine launches: One•Four•One Magazine offers an interactive digital magazine experience in Spanish or English

GBS Health has taken a conservative approach with its two digital magazine apps: Spiralized Magazine and Tasty Bytes Magazine, both native, but without the creative digital page layouts seen in the magazine from Mexico

The App Store sees only a trickle of new digital magazine launches these days, compared to the gold rush days following the launch of the Newsstand. Today, publishers can choose to launch apps into the Magazines & Newspapers, or into any other category they choose… or not at all and just stick with the web, or maybe add a channel inside Apple News.

But there are new launches occasionally, and sometimes even some interesting.

One•Four•One MagazineManuel Gerardo Sierra has launched a digital magazine that offers both Spanish and English language editions inside the app. One•Four•One is the name of the magazine, but the app will be found under 141 Magazine inside both the Apple App Store and inside Google Play.

“One Four One Magazine is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to the arts, music, fashion, culture and health. We take the essence of these and bring you the best of the latest trends and tips,” the magazine’s supporting website states.

The English language version of the magazine has its share of language mistakes, but the app delivers an interactive digital magazine experience, something that is quite rare these days.

The layouts are strictly in portrait, which is common now that many digital magazines are designed for reading on the iPhone, as well as the iPad.

The app offers the reader one free issue, as well as the opportunity to subscribe.

One thing odd is that the app description says an annual subscription to the bimonthly magazine will cost you $18.49, but inside the app the cost is $0.49.

GBS Health

A far more conservative approach is taken by GBS Health Inc. This firm has launched two titles: Spiralized Magazine and Tasty Bytes Magazine.

Edited by Gina and Scott Keatley, these are digital magazines are designed for mobile and tablet reading, with sufficiently sized fonts and images, but this is not an interactive magazine they way One•Four•One Magazine is created.

Still, it is a readable digital magazine experience (as opposed to most PDF replicas).

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