August 24, 2017 Last Updated 10:55 am

DC judge rules amended search warrant forcing DreamHost to hand over data can go forward

Provider briefly hosts Daily Stormer replacement website, before it is taken down for rules violation

A Superior Court of D.C. judge this afternoon ruled that the government can go forward with an amended search warrant for data it requested from DreamHost on the website The data search will be supervised by the court, however, with the DOJ forced to submit information to the court about its method for searching through the data.

It is unknown if DreamHost will appeal the ruling of let the government proceed.

The website in question organized a protest at the inauguration of Donald Trump that turned violent. The next day the Women’s March took place with few incidents.

On Wednesday, the Justice Department dropped the most controversial parts of its demand for records, with DreamHost feeling it to be a victory.

“This week the U.S. Department of Justice backed down — just a little — on what we considered to be an unreasonable records request in an ongoing criminal investigation of a site hosted at DreamHost,,” the company said on its website.

“Our argument was straightforward — information that could be used to identify tens of thousands of internet users who simply visited the website would have been handed over to the U.S. government in a sweeping request for data. In our opinion, this was a clear case of investigatory overreach.”

The attempt by the DOJ to snoop through the data of 1.3 million visitors to the website was highly controversial as there was no evidence that all 1.3 million web visitors had any connection to the protest. In addition, the DOJ was able to get Judge Ronald Wertheim, who has been retired since 1992 but still hears cases occasionally, to grant the warrant. Today’s ruling was from a different judge, Robert Morin.

The Daily Stormer was briefly online again today. The neo-Nazi website appeared for a time after it managed to gain an account from, wait for it, DreamHost.

“We think that Dreamhost, where Punished Stormer is, will hold,” founders Andrew Anglin said online.

It didn’t.

The account, which registered as, was taken offline by the host company after it discovered that Anglin had created multiple accounts in order to bypass previous restrictions.

Oh well, win some you lose some. So it is back to the dark web for the neo-Nazi site. It won’t be missed.

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