August 21, 2017 Last Updated 12:27 pm

Eclipse allows relief — but what comes next for publishing news?

With all the news from DC, and today’s solar eclipse, it is easy to forget that major media news is right around the corner, including the results from the Rodale auction

The skies remain cloudy here, and a total eclipse won’t be visible even if the skies were clear. But down south in Carbondale, home of Southern Illinois University, the skies are only partly cloudy so they are looking forward to a good view.

To be honest, other than the fact that solar eclipse doesn’t happen every day, I really could care less. Still, the fact that most reporters are talking about the eclipse is a welcome relief from news coming from the White House. Monday feels, for really the first time all summer, like what a normal summer news cycle feels like — filled with rather lightweight reporting.

This week may be a brief reprieve. As we enter September talk will turn to Apple’s next iPhone event, and whether the company really plans on launching a smartphone priced north of a grand (they will, they really have become isolated there in Cupertino).

But there will be a lot of publishing news breaking this fall. The most obvious news item is who exactly will be buying Rodale, publisher of Men’s Health. Bids were due a couple of weeks ago, and since then we’ve had few leaks.

Other magazines titles are also on the block. Time Inc. has already said that Coastal Living, Sunset and Golf on the blocks.

The fall is also budgeting time, that means a time when some publishing execs look at next year’s forecasts and decide they can’t earn their bonuses unless they cut staff. This year may be particularly ugly.

So, while Wolf Blitzer continues to tell viewers that if they look at the sun today they will be turned into zombies, remember, all this shall pass.

Have a good eclipse.

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