August 16, 2017 Last Updated 11:49 am

ANA partnering with Digital Content Next to support the programmatic advertising marketplace TrustX

Participation in the program requires advertisers to allocate a portion of their digital ad budget through TrustX to its 30 premium content publishers

NEW YORK, NY — August 16, 2017 — The ANA (Association of National Advertisers) today announced it is partnering with Digital Content Next to support TrustX, a programmatic advertising marketplace designed to help maximize marketers’ digital advertising expenditures.

TrustX is a non-profit subsidiary of DCN, a trade organization serving prominent digital content companies. TrustX launched in May 2017 with a mission to restore trust, transparency, and economic value to the programmatic digital advertising supply chain by enabling premier advertisers and their agencies to programmatically purchase curated, brand-safe ad inventory.

“Trust, safety, and transparency have dominated the digital media conversation in recent years,” said ANA CEO Bob Liodice in announcing the initiative. “The supply chain’s complexity and opacity net digital advertisers as little as 30 to 40 cents of working media for every dollar spent. Digital ROI has become harder to achieve. The ANA’s mission is to reverse this troubling trend and elevate digital working media to 70 cents or higher. Doing so will convert $20 billion into working media.”

Liodice added that the benefits of joining the TrustX ad marketplace include:

  • A guarantee that advertisers will only pay for transactions certified as human and viewable in a brand-safe environment
  • Total supply-side transparency
  • An ad-tech tax scorecard, complete with end-to-end digital supply chain costs
  • A new industry benchmark for programmatic media buying power that gives advertisers what they need to maximize returns on their digital advertising investments

Liodice said participation in the program requires advertisers to allocate a portion of their digital advertising budget through TrustX to its 30 premium content publishers, which include CBS Interactive, Viacom, A&E Networks, ABC, Condé Nast, Hearst, NBCUniversal, ESPN, News Corp., the Washington Post, Meredith, and Vox Media, among others.

He also encouraged marketers to attend upcoming ANA webinars on the program and download documents from the TrustX website that explain the project in detail.

“We built TrustX as a collaborative marketplace for high-quality advertisers, their agencies, and the premium publishing community,” said TrustX President and CEO David Kohl. “What motivates our members is restoring the brand-building value and economic promise for which programmatic advertising was originally designed. We’re thrilled to have ANA’s membership on board to raise the bar on working media value, and to accelerate — for the entire industry — the sustainable future for trusted advertising.”

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