August 15, 2017 Last Updated 12:25 pm

Daily Mail launches Monday football magazine

One of the mysteries of the newspaper business is that Monday is a horrible day for advertising, though it is often a great day for readership. During the fall and winter readers pick up their papers to read about the weekend football games, or baseball playoffs, or the beginning of the hockey and basketball seasons. Still, Monday papers are generally thin.

The VerdictIt is not as if newspapers haven’t tried to get advertisers to add Mondays to their schedules, but the simple fact is that most people don’t shop on Mondays — it is the beginning of the work week, after all.

The best solution we experimented with was a program for auto dealers when I was a classified ad manager in Northern California. We ran a program where a dealer could advertise three days over the weekend for a huge discount, as long as the third day was Monday. It did bring in a few extra ads, though little revenue. Of course, back then, we were swimming in ad revenue and really did it to support the editorial staff — the couple extra pages of ads appearing in the Sports section meant a few extra pages of editorial. (I later heard that they didn’t actually appreciate this as it meant they had more space to fill.)

The Daily Mail in the UK yesterday launched a Monday sports magazine to cover the weekend soccer matches. The idea seems like a good one, though we will see long they stick with it.

LONDON, UK — The Verdict, a new 20 page pull-out football magazine, will come free inside the Daily Mail every Monday starting August 14th.

The magazine, sponsored by Screwfix, will be delving into the weekend’s hottest matches and feature exclusive commentary from star names including former Premier League manager Alan Pardew, Jamie Redknapp, Chris Sutton and Martin Keown alongside the Mail’s award-winning Chief Sports Writer Martin Samuel.

Football fans can grab their first copy Monday and the magazine will run every week until the end of season.

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