August 10, 2017 Last Updated 12:38 pm

The New York Times launches travel magazine in China, partnering with Huasheng Media

Beijing, China — August 10, 2017The New York Times today launched “The New York Times Travel Magazine 新视线.” The magazine will be published by Huasheng Media and circulated six times a year throughout mainland China. It will combine curated travel coverage and photographs from The New York Times, along with original local content.

The Travel Magazine 新视线 will be distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and Shenzhen, among other cities, and available at newsstands, in bookstores and boutiques, as well as luxury hotels, high-end stores and airport VIP lounges.

On the launch, Xuan Feng, the editor-in-chief of the magazine said, “Over the decades, the travel industry has rapidly grown in China and Chinese readers have shown that they want more in-depth travel stories as well as more immersive trips inspired by those stories.” Mr. Feng also serves as the editor-in-chief of T Magazine China.

Michael Greenspon, general manager of News Services and Print Innovation at The Times, continued, “The Times’s travel coverage opens readers’ eyes to a variety of destinations, cultures and people around the world, capturing the spirit of a journey through the high-quality journalism and photography that’s unique to The Times. With the launch of the magazine, we can help the Chinese reader who is curious about seeing the world make decisions on where to go and what to see, eat and do next.”

The first issue of The New York Times Travel Magazine 新视线 will be distributed on August 10, 2017.

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