August 4, 2017 Last Updated 8:38 am

Meredith’s Parents magazine launches ‘fresh, new look’ with September issue

‘I wanted more fun, more solutions and ideas, and more personal stories and perspectives to enhance the expert advice’

NEW YORK, NY — August 1, 2017  — Parents magazine – the most trusted parenting brand and the leading voice for millennial moms published by Meredith Corporation  – today unveiled a fresh, new look with its September 2017 issue, on sale nationwide August 8. The dynamic redesign incorporates a modern logo, lively layouts and photography, and an evolved personality that reflects the candor, humor and confidence of today’s mom. The September 2017 cover features Rebecca Minkoff – the fashion designer powerhouse and mother of two – as its Back-to-School Mom star with a personal interview and exclusive photos.

Under the direction and leadership of Parents Editor-in-Chief Liz Vaccariello, the print redesign focuses on revitalizing the iconic brand. The magazine continues to offer readers its signature trusted content and focus on the needs of diverse millennial women in families of all shapes and sizes. Health and safety articles will advocate for every child’s wellbeing, while the lifestyle coverage has evolved to reflect the millennial’s unique mindset about food, home and travel.

“I wanted more fun, more solutions and ideas, and more personal stories and perspectives to enhance the expert advice,” says Vaccariello. “And I’m thrilled to say that we achieved that. The magazine highlights the aspirational nature of the parenting journey, while embracing the full emotional ride that new parents take. And on every page, there’s a reminder to celebrate moments big and small.”

From a visual standpoint, the newly designed logo and several updated typefaces created with the “Parents Stencil” font delivers a chic, sophisticated package. Along with clean, bold photography, the update aims to showcase the authentic reality of today’s parents and highlight the fun in everyday life moments. The refreshed design provides easier navigation tools, including more entry points, quick takeaways and curated brand content that resonates with readers.

“Overall we want the print pages to work harder with more energetic design elements, more texture on each page and fresh, relatable typography throughout the magazine,” says Vaccariello. “By introducing a contemporary look and feel, it reinforces how aligned we are with what busy moms and dads need and want in their print product.”

Beginning with the September 2017 issue, the magazine fine-tunes its editorial focus with new sections and columns that tap into all the relevant themes:

  • Each issue opens with a new section called LET’S GET REAL which is where real moms can commiserate, confess, reminisce and react to their wins, fails and everything in between.
  • The new YOU’RE WELCOME column is devoted to the solutions and swag that comes across our editors’ desks. Watch this fun page for an ever-changing menu of special surprises.
  • Popular HOME coverage increases from 2 to 5 pages total per issue. Now home décor, organizing and cleaning content kicks off the LIFE section, which also includes travel, parties, holidays and media.

“The magazine’s redesign is already generating a lot of buzz and excitement within the advertising community,” says Steven Grune, Vice President and Group Publisher of the Meredith Parents Network. “Our readers have always turned to us for expert advice and in-depth perspective to help them stay up-to-date on key issues, topics and trends. That’s why we continue to work diligently here at Parents on developing a strong editorial product that helps facilitate a meaningful connection between our engaged audience and our marketing partners.”

Major advertisers in the September 2017 issue feature such well-known brands and marketers as Airbnb, Clorox, Kraft, L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble, among others.

Meredith reaches a total of 110 million women, including 3 out of 4 millennial women across its broad portfolio of magazine and digital brands. Parents magazine is part of the influential Meredith Parents Network, which includes FamilyFun, Parents Latina, and Fit Pregnancy and Baby.

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