August 3, 2017 Last Updated 11:54 am

Media app updates: Tronc newspaper apps receive update to allow text copying by readers

Other updates: Adobe releases bug fix updates for both version of the Photoshop Lightroom apps for iPhone and iPad, one fix designed to improve the Selective Brush functionality

It used to be the case that the introduction of a new version if iOS meant that half the digital edition apps out there would need an update or else the developers would face the wrath of users via the App Store review process. That is rarely the case today, and quite a number of apps I see and use have not been updated in a while and still get decent reviews.

Still, we are only about a month or month and a half away from the next iOS version dump and a number of media apps are making sure they are in working order before that September launch.

Tronc (Tribune Publishing): The publisher of the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun and other papers has updated its apps to make some changes and fix bugs. Users can now copy text from the stories inside the app, something they apparently could not do before (really?), and now the weather report has been added to navigation. This brings the apps up to version 4.2, and the apps are universal (including Apple Watch).

BNP Media: The Troy-based trade publisher has updated its app for Engineering News-Record, but it is not being mentioned because it is an important update — it only says “updated” which is the norm for the company — but to point out just how little seems to be happening on the B2B front these days when it comes to apps. ENR used to be owned by McGraw-Hill, and was the leading paid circulation magazine in the industry, but it is hard to maintain paid circulation these days for any magazine, let alone one in the construction industry.

Politico SPRL: The app for the print edition of Politico Europe has been updated, with a new interface and framework. The app presents only a PDF replica of the print edition, much to the disappointment of the few reader reviews found inside the App Store. The app uses the PageSuite platform.

Adobe: The apps for iPhone and iPad for Photoshop Lightroom have been updated to fix a bug that was causing crashes, as well as to improve the Selective Brush functionality. This app always causes me trouble when I am updating my iPad because it always wants to install the iPhone version, then tells me it can’t (good).

Twitter: The Twitter app is updated every two weeks and generally for bug fixes, but the update for the Periscope app was a little more substantial. There is a long list of bug fixes including for a crash that occurred when first opening the app, a bug that would prevent users from seeing if their friends were watching a broadcast, and a fix for a bug that would stop a broadcast if the user received a phone call.

The WordPress updated its app this week, but users of the platform will also notice that their sites have been updated, as well. We are now on version 4.8.1 (this version is named after jazz pianist Bill Evans) and appears to be a minor update.

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