July 14, 2017 Last Updated 12:00 pm

Seattle-based creative consultant Ted Leonhardt launches premiere issue of NAIL magazine

Celebrating the ideas and perspectives of creative professionals, the inaugural issue of NAIL features 124 pages of analysis, career tips, and profiles of creatives

TNM gets so many press releases every day, but this one below came in today about a new print magazine created by Seattle creative consultant Ted Leonhardt. As the opening publisher’s letter states, it swims “in a capitalist sea” and so its prospects will depend on whether enough people buy the magazine at newsstand or through the magazine’s new website.

In addition to the publisher, Ted Leonhardt, the team consists of Editor Elea Carey, Managing Editor Allison Duraz, and Creative Director Ross Hogin.


During my time in publishing I’ve launched a number of new print magazines, including the first one at McGraw-Hill many years ago. I almost can’t imagine the challenges of launching an independent new print magazine today, but there are still those who do such a silly thing. Thank God.

For me, I am more enamored today by the possibilities still to be found in digital magazines, but like many of those working in digital I still love print. It is slander to hear some say that digital publishers don’t love print, nothing further could be true. After all, many of us were print publishers before we became digital publishers.

Print is confining the same way a canvas is confining to an artist. But it is with the confines of print that good publishers can express their creativity in an infinite variety of ways. Print is confining to a publishers the way a pop song like My Favorite Things was confining to John Coltrane (in other words, it wasn’t at all).

“The world has always been challenging for creatives like us —we feel it, we take it in,” Leonhardt tells readers in his introductory column. “We know that when our work grows out of experience it’s always better. Please consider NAIL a source of support as you keep your commitment to yourself, your heart, mind, and talent.”

Seattle, Wash. — July 17, 2017 — The premiere issue of NAIL, a magazine celebrating the ideas and perspectives of creative professionals, has been published by creative consultant Ted Leonhardt.

NAIL magazine“NAIL’s mission is to look at the lives of creatives across the world,” says publisher Ted Leonhardt, of TedLeonhardt.com, LLC. “We’re interested in how talented, committed, empathetic people thrive in this current moment of incivility, visceral and psychic violence, information bombardment and fake news, and the post-truth culture of Donald Trump.”

The inaugural issue of NAIL features 124 pages of analysis, career tips, and profiles of creatives. In the cover story, “How Do We Survive This Bully?” Leonhardt explores the meaning of leadership and charts a course for how to tack against negotiation bullies by suggesting ways to handle the Trumps of the world.

In two in-depth profiles of exceptional creatives, NAIL features poet Corey Black and cartoonist Ellen Forney. Black is a St. Louis-based spoken word artist who shares lessons in making his poetry his full-time gig. Forney is a well-known Seattle cartoonist whose graphic memoir about bipolar disorder has a continuing impact and is taught in medical schools.

“Personal Branding Sucks!” is an irreverent send-up of the personal branding trend, complete with homages to Andy Warhol and George Lois.

Art direction for NAIL is led by Seattle designer Ross Hogin. The editorial team is led by editor Elea Carey and managing editor Allison Durazzi.

NAIL will be published quarterly and is independently distributed in print ($20) and digital ($14) formats directly from www.nailthemagazine.com. The print version of NAIL is now available for pre-order and will ship on July 20.

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