July 12, 2017 Last Updated 7:53 am

San Diego Union-Tribune and GoFundMe partner to enable readers to create fundraising campaigns

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — July 12, 2017 — GoFundMe, the world’s largest social fundraising platform, and The San Diego Union-Tribune announced a new digital media partnership to enable readers to quickly and easily create and donate to fundraising campaigns and help each other in times of need.

For decades, the San Diego Union-Tribune has been breaking news, delivering information and ideas that improve the quality of life of San Diegans and help make San Diego a better place. Today, for the first time, readers will be able to take action and create a GoFundMe directly from a news story on the San Diego Union-Tribune Web Site.

Nearly every online Union-Tribune story will feature a “Start a Campaign” section, where an individual can take action to help someone in their community. Whether it’s a person featured in a story, an organization that needs help, or an important cause, anyone can now create a GoFundMe directly from the story.

As part of a renewed emphasis on community involvement, this new partnership between GoFundMe and The Union-Tribune has made starting and contributing to a GoFundme campaign as easy as possible, by connecting the newspaper’s audience directly to causes that matter.

“This exciting new partnership embodies GoFundMe’s mission: to empower people to help one another,” said Rob Solomon, GoFundMe CEO. “Readers of the San Diego Union-Tribune will now have the ability to take instant action when they want to make a difference. As a company founded in San Diego, we couldn’t be happier to be part of this initiative to deepen community connections and have a positive impact.”

“For years, our mission at the U-T has been to improve lives and build better communities through information, insight and ideas,” said Union-Tribune Editor and Publisher Jeff Light. “Our partnership with Gofundme elevates that mission in an important way. It will allow our readers to connect with one another and summon the resources to make an immediate difference in peoples’ lives.”

Empowering People to Help People
Charitable giving isn’t a new phenomenon. What’s different today is the ability to help just about anyone in your community in a few clicks—and GoFundMe’s social fundraising platform does just that. We are continually working to make it possible for anyone to quickly raise funds for those in need. Thanks to this new partnership, nearly every story on the San Diego Union-Tribune will feature a “Start a Campaign” section, where anyone can start a campaign to help someone featured in the newspaper. In minutes, you will be able to donate to or create a GoFundMe, share it on social media, and encourage your online networks to do the same.

The new partnership with GoFundMe and The San Diego Union-Tribune makes it simple to lend a helping hand. Thanks to the generosity of the GoFundMe community and San Diego Union-Tribune readers, we believe we can continue to spread empathy and to help more people than ever before.

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