July 7, 2017 Last Updated 4:15 pm

Trolls attack CNN app inside the Apple App Store

Over 9,000 1-star reviews written quickly, attacking the website for anti-Trump bias, or accusing one of its reporters of trying to blackmail creator of the CNN/Trump GIF

One might think that when an app gets over 9,000 reviews in a day or two that Apple’s App Store team might notice and figure something is up. But the App Store team is an insular bunch, impossible to contact directly a bit slow to fix problems. How slow? It has been over three years since the subcategories for the Newsstand, and later the Magazines & Newspaper category became broken, and the problem still isn’t fixed.

So, when trolls started attacking the CNN iOS app, posting 1-star review and 1-star review, often with long commentaries about the cable news channel, a lot of people noticed. Except Apple it appears.


The same onslaught of negative reviews is not being seen in Google Play.


The question now is whether Apple will finally wake up and realize it has a serious App Store problem. No one is minding the store, and their isolation from publishers, and the public, in general, is causing problems like this to arise. How is it possible that so many people can create new accounts and all write reviews for the same app, and Apple doesn’t notice?

I have said countless times that Apple needs a liaison person that interfaces with its publisher partners. This is what happens when Apple is asleep at the wheel.

Note: the two other iOS apps, CNN Politics and the rarely reviewed Africa View app are also being trolled, though not as extensively (the Politics app has just under 250 new 1-star reviews).

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