July 5, 2017 Last Updated 10:09 am

Playboy app update adds ‘Heritage’ section; Aquafadas apps get rebrand update

Mag+, Texture, Kindle and other platform apps get updates, while media properties like The New York Times and The Washington Post update their apps for bug fixes

The iOS app cycle is pretty predictable: the new version of the mobile operating system is released just before the new model iPhones are released and with it comes a flood of app updates, then it slows down. With the summer upon us, one would expect few media apps needing updates, but with TNM shuttered for almost two weeks the backlog of updates is pretty extensive.

Here are some of the media apps updated recently:

Playboy: Playboy Classic is the only app currently showing up inside the App Store as the publisher had troubles with Apple right from the beginning of the App Store. Steve Jobs famously said “we do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone. Folks who want porn can buy an Android phone.”

The problem with that stance was that Apple was not very consistent with its no-porn rule, allowing of apps from (mostly from Russia) that flaunted the ban. TNM wrote many times of the hypocrisy of banning Playboy’s brand of nudity, but then allowing more hardcore apps into the store.

It took a long time for Playboy to finally get an app into the Apple App Store, and when it did it was something very different than what its magazine looked like, with no nudity to be found. Then, the magazine decided to end its practice of publishing any nudity at all, in print or elsewhere. But that policy didn’t last long either.

So, the new update that introduces a new “Heritage” section is not about nudity at all, but about introducing some of its archival material. It’s a good idea, as the magazine has plenty of content that today’s readers would find of interest.

In fact, one wonders why many magazine apps don’t have their own “Heritage” sections.

More updates:


Aquafadas: The digital publishing platform headquartered in Montpellier, France announced this week that it would be rebranded as Aquafadas Rakuten, and so their apps have now been updated to reflect the change. The apps are now called Digital Content Viewer by Rakuten Aquafadas and Rakuten Aquafadas – Digital content & distribution. The new app icons leave out the Aquafadas name, probably a hint that this name won’t be long for this world. Too bad, I doubt the name “Rakuten” means much to many outside Japan. (A third app, Aquafadas Wave, the company’s own magazine, appeared as an update for me, then disappeared.)

Google: Google updates its iOS apps on a regular basis, far more regularly than Apple updates its own apps, so there are a number of apps to be found inside your update folder. Google Play Newsstand has added suggestion cards that make it easier to discover new topics. Most of the other updates appear to be for bug fixes, though the Google Maps update does add a Local Guides widget, as well as reminders for travelers.

Amazon: The Kindle app has been updated to allow those who have linked their Goodreads and Amazon accounts to now post Kindle notes and highlights to their friends and followers on Goodreads. The feature is US only.

Kobo: The Kobo Books apps has been updated for what looks to be only a new icon that features the Rakuten name. But where the Aquafadas name seems to be on the way out, here “Kobo” continues to be seen in the icon and “Rakuten” not added to the actual app name. I suppose the reason is that Kobo is a consumer brand name.

Moving Media: The Mag+ Designd Reviewer received a bug fix update.

Microsoft: News Pro, the Microsoft Garage project, has updated its iOS app for bug fixes.

Next Issue Media: The digital newsstand app Texture has been updated to make the stories more “phone-friendly”.

Automattic: The iOAS app for WordPress has been updated to add the ability to edit one’s site’s icon through the app, as well as to add autocorrect support on the post tags field.

Media Apps:

It doesn’t seem worth mentioning all the different media apps recently updated as almost app were for bug fixes. But, briefly, there are updates for the CNN apps, The Independent to fix a long-in problem, apps for The New York Times, including its VR app, Cond√© Nast magazine apps, the magazine Film Comment, and those from The Washington Post.

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