June 20, 2017 Last Updated 2:19 pm

National Geographic and Rolex announce multiplatform partnership

Washington, D.C. — June 19, 2017 — National Geographic and Rolex today announced a first of its kind global and multiplatform partnership in exploration, building on an existing 63-year-old relationship. The partnership will invest in scientific research and exploration, raise awareness of the planet’s challenges, and inspire the next generation of explorers. Over the next five years, this will be achieved through a focus on three critical attributes of our planet:  the oceans, the poles and the mountains. Together, National Geographic and Rolex will enable and participate in scientific expeditions, foster research and invention that will yield new exploration technologies and convene summits and activities that generate public support of conservation.

“National Geographic is synonymous with exploration, and for 63 years we’ve had an incredible partner in Rolex in supporting pioneering ventures in discovery and conservation,” said Gary E. Knell, President and CEO of the National Geographic Society.  “With today’s announcement, we will expand our partnership to understand and protect our world, and to support outstanding explorers that are seeking solutions to ensure a healthy and sustainable future. With many years together behind us, it’s a grand legacy to build on.”

“Since the 1930s, in keeping with the spirit of its founder, Hans Wilsdorf, Rolex has accompanied pioneering human adventures to the far reaches of the planet, supporting those who through their vision, their courage and their drive to push the boundaries of what is possible, shed new light on the world. And Rolex watches have been essential tools for these explorers of the unknown,” said Arnaud Boetsch, Director of Communication & Image, Rolex SA. “We have shared a vital mission of exploration with National Geographic for 63 years and are delighted to deepen our partnership as our knowledge evolves, focusing on scientific research, exploration and conservation. Raising awareness of the planet’s challenges and inspiring coming generations to protect Earth and its marvels is in line with our DNA and our history.”

“Every month 730 million people engage with National Geographic across our full media portfolio,” said Declan Moore, President & CEO, National Geographic Partners. “Through inspirational storytelling we have the power to amplify critical issues and motivate change and we are already looking forward to using our trademark journalism and photography to tell stories that this new partnership will create.”

The announcement follows on the heels of the National Geographic’s Explorers Festival, where Rolex awarded photojournalist and National Geographic explorer, Brian Skerry, the Rolex National Geographic Explorer of the Year Award.  Skerry is a photojournalist specializing in marine wildlife and underwater environments. Since 1998 he has been a contributing photographer for National Geographic magazine, covering a wide range of subjects and stories.

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