June 20, 2017 Last Updated 9:41 am

Media app updates: Tribune Interactive apps, Mag+ Designd Reviewer receive updates

Newspaper apps for the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and others were updated to optimize the code, the updates likely among the last to come before Apple launches iOS 11 in the fall

This will likely be my last chance to look at media app updates before the schedule summer siesta for TNM, June 22 through July 4. The pace of new app releases and app updates should slow to a crawl as developers await the release of iOS 11 in September.

Tribune Interactive: The tronc newspaper app (Tribune Publishing) received a code change to improve performance. The apps involved look to be all the newspapers in the chain, the major ones being the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel, San Diego Union Tribune, etc.

“Leaner, faster, better. We’ve been working on some performance enhancements to improve your experience. We also fixed a bug that was keeping our iOS “Today” screen widget from showing recent top stories,” the app description states.

PBS Video: The update fixes issues with Chromecast where the app stopped playing its video content when in the background or the screen turned off. (That’s the same issue that exists with iBooks Author, by the way). One wonders how many iPhone owners also own Chromecast or an Amazon Fire TV device rather than an Apple TV. My guess is that the numbers are growing thanks to Apple updating their own device but not including 4K support.

Move Inc.: The Realtor.com Real Estate update is a simple bug fix update, but it is worth repeating something said often here, that this company is owned by News Corp, and is a great example of a publisher diversifying their digital holdings, rather than simply becoming a partner with, say, CareerBuilder. News Corp is one of the few newspaper publishers that seems to understand the value of diversified holdings. That shouldn’t surprise, as most are currently being run by editorial people rather than business side people. Also: this is why tow US private equity companies are aggressively pursuing Fairfax Media in Australia, not because of the newspapers, but to own the digital real estate unit, Domain.

Moving Media AB: The Mag+ Designd Reviewer app, used to preview new digital editions, was updated to add a new “multiple overlay feature.”

ScrollMotion: The company’s interactive presentation app, Ingage, has been updated to add some new features including: Pexels – A collection of beautiful royalty-free stock images you can use in your Ingage stories; Google Image Search – Royalty-free images from the web; Tutorials panel – Videos and sample stories to help you started; Explore panel – See what other user are creating with Ingage; Sharing with duplicate & edit privileges – Enable others to edit copies of your stories; and Enhanced image and video loading indicators.

Finally, Google has updated many of its iOS app this week, all for minor bug fixes.

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