June 19, 2017 Last Updated 11:06 am

Apptitude Media, publisher of British Journal of Photography, rebranded as 1854 Media

Along with the new name arrives a new website, and a manifesto for the company’s mission to ‘give great photographers a platform to communicate the force of their images’

Long-time TNM readers will know just how important the British Journal of Photography is to the history of the digital edition app. In September of 2011, the magazine, then published by Incisive Financial Publishing, launched its first iPad app, built using the Mag+ digital publishing platform.

In many ways, BJP became the poster child for Mag+ in the UK, as Popular Science was in the US. In July of 2012, when Mag+ announced publicly that it had added iPhone support, the BJP was the first to begin publishing a native iPhone edition (at right).

In February of the following year came news that the publishing team behind BJP had launched a new digital media start-up company, Apptitude Media, its name obviously alluding to its apps.

On Friday, while I was in California and not concerning myself with all things digital, CEO Mark Hartog reached out to let TNM readers now that the company has now rebranded itself as 1854 Media.

“The reason we made the decision to rebrand now is simply to better align our corporate identity with the brands we have created over the last four years, as well as better reflect the services we are now offering to clients and partners,” Hartog said.

“Why 1854? Well, it’s the year that BJP – our flagship brand – was first published.”

Of course, along with the new name comes a new website at 1854.media, as well as a manifesto of principals (at left).

“We exist to filter, embracing work that has meaning, helping our audience to navigate the visual world,” the manifesto states. “We give great photographers a platform to communicate the force of their images to a wider public. We challenge preconceived notions about what good photography is. We begin conversations between the most influential and interesting voices shaping the medium. We are a meeting place between the art and commerce of photography. We inspire our audience to frame the world differently.”

The existing BJP website is still live, with the new 1854.media website designed with a menu for the magazine as well as for the publisher’s creative services business.

It should be noted that the app inside Apple’s App Store has not been updated in a very long time. Maybe it doesn’t need to be, but it is odd that the last update came in May of last year.

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