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eBook publishers notified of iTunes Connect changes

Apple earlier this week notified eBook publishers of some of the changes they can expect to see in iTunes Connect, their portal used to submit and manage their books. I didn’t see a lot of coverage for this, and nearly missed it myself, so it might be good to post the notice here for later reference.

Here is the email sent by the iBooks team to publishers with paid accounts:

We recently added the following updates and reminders to help you manage your books on iBooks:

  • New Review Statuses
  • New Local Currencies
  • New BISAC Subject Headings
  • Sales and Trends Update
  • Fiscal Calendar Correction
  • Common Ticket Reason
  • iBooks Tip: Distribute Free Review Codes

Missed an announcement? Stay up to date with all iBooks news at Resources and Help.

New Review Statuses

You can now see where your book is during the review process by viewing the book’s review status on the summary section of the Book Details page on iTunes Connect. Be sure to check out this new status after you submit a book, and hover over the status if you need more details.

New Local Currencies

We switched to local currencies for Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Peru, Poland, and Romania. Request and accept the latest terms in Agreements, Tax, and Banking to continue offering your books in these territories.

New BISAC Subject Headings

You can now use BISAC Subject Headings, 2016 Edition in iTunes Producer and iTunes Connect.

Sales and Trends Update

We renamed “Top Content” to “Sales” in Sales and Trends on iTunes Connect.

Fiscal Calendar Correction

The 2017 fiscal calendar published in Payments and Financial Reports recently contained an error. We corrected the issue, and the revised calendar is available in Payments and Financial Reports.

Common Ticket Reason

Placeholder text or images within the book file, including the table of contents, is a common reason for receiving a ticket. See section 13.17 of the Formatting Guidelines for more information.

To avoid this issue and get your book live as soon as possible, always remove placeholders within your file.

iBooks Tip: Distribute Free Review Codes

For each book you deliver, you have 250 free, unique promo codes you can use to distribute to readers, bloggers, fans, and more for a free copy of your book on iBooks.

After they redeem the promo code, they can leave a review and rating for your book even while it’s available for pre-order. Learn more about promo codes on Resources and Help.

If you need help or have questions, call or email iBooks Publisher Support any day of the week.


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