June 14, 2017 Last Updated 7:37 am

Sourcepoint launches AltPay direct payment solution for publishers

NEW YORK, NY — June 14, 2017 — Sourcepoint, the content compensation solution provider for premium publishers, today officially launches AltPay; its first solution that allows publishers to offer consumers a simple option to support content through direct payments. AltPay is the latest addition to Dialogue, Sourcepoint’s content compensation platform that enables direct user communication, establishes a fair and transparent value exchange, and provides a sustainable content compensation framework for publishers.

Publishers will be able to use AltPay to provide consumers with the choice of making a payment in return for accessing the publisher’s content ad-free and is available to use in conjunction with existing Dialogue features, such as the ability to segment audiences, create custom user journeys, test the effectiveness of varied message types, and adapt their approach accordingly. With Dialogue, publishers have the means to meet a wider range of consumer needs, catering to the preferences of those who would rather pay for an ad-free experience while continuing to offer users who prefer to pay by watching advertising the option to do so.

In beta now, with full-availability coming in Q3, AltPay will offer many benefits:

– An efficient, low-friction solution for publishers and consumers with no requirement to create an account

– Fully customizable, with publishers able to tailor all key elements, including complete control over pricing and the ability to use publisher specific branding to create a uniform experience and achieve the best results

– Compatible with a publisher’s own subscription offering – publisher’s can leverage Dialogue to continue offering users their own subscription plans in addition to AltPay

– Access to A/B testing capability and analytics that enable publishers to understand the most appropriate options and price points for individual consumers

– Supported globally, with various European and U.S. currency options built in, meaning consumers can make payments however they choose

– Straightforward and lightweight implementation

Since its launch, Sourcepoint has championed the importance of compensation choice and supports publishers in offering a variety of content payment options. Research shows that nearly 20% of US consumers would choose to pay for content access rather than view ads when offered the choice and by introducing direct reader payments, Sourcepoint is advocating the diversity of content funding models in an increasingly challenging online climate.

“We are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of premium digital publishers and developing tools that allow them to connect with consumers, and keep content flowing,” comments Ben Barokas, Founder and CEO at Sourcepoint. “The publishing sector is facing tough times ahead, with the introduction of GDPR and the unknown impact following developments in the browser space by the dominant players like Google and Apple. Through Dialogue we intend to empower publishers with the tools to align with their consumers on compensation choice without impacting the user experience, and with our new AltPay solution, we hope to provide the alternative choice for publishers that allows them to thrive and stay connected to their audiences.”

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