June 14, 2017 Last Updated 8:49 am

New York Media announces that Mark Bittman will join Grub Street and New York as columnist

Bittman was formerly with The New York Times, writing the ‘Minimalist’ column for 13 years starting in 1997

I really miss Mark Bittman’s contributions to The New York Times. Bittman announced that he would leave the NYT in September of 2015 in order to join The Purple Carrot.

It may have been exactly what Bittman wanted to do, but I still miss his columns. For years I made ribs one way, but after one of his columns and videos completely changed my approach. When people say you are good cook, it is because you have a few dishes you like to prepare and are good at. So, Bittman added a dish or two to my menu, and for that I say thank you.

Today, New York Media editor-in-chief Adam Moss announced that Bittman is joining Grub Street, the publisher’s food and restaurant site, writing a regular column. He will also contribute occasional pieces to New York Magazine.

“Mark is the perfect writer and kitchen savant to help us grow Grub Street from covering not just where to eat, but what and how,” Moss said in the announcement. “He’s wise, he’s funny, he’ll help you cook a feast, roast a carrot, and think about why food really matters. And he joins a killer line-up of food authorities, including restaurant critic Adam Platt and food editors and Underground Gourmet columnists Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld.”

“This is an incredible opportunity for me,” said Bittman in the same announcement. “To join these folks, this operation — which has done an amazing job on food for 50 years — it’s really going to be fun. And I have some things to say that need to be said. Stand by.”

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