June 13, 2017 Last Updated 12:47 pm

Newsweek Media Group launches Player.One gaming resource, rebrand of iDigitalTimes.com

NEW YORK, NY — June 12, 2017 – Newsweek Media Group, the family of digital-first media brands that start and shape global conversations that matter, today announced the launch of Player.One, the ultimate fan gaming resource written exclusively by gamers, for gamers. Player.One is an exciting rebrand of the popular idigitaltimes.com, which reaches 8M+ unique gamers, more than 2/3 of whom are millennials. The wholly reimagined, fan-focused platform offers its player-audience a unique point of view through opinion articles, reviews of games and gadgets, coverage of both console and PC games and mobile titles, and valuable game guide releases and hacks to help players elevate their games.

Player.One is designed to put fans first, filling an important gap in the market. The platform is inclusive of all types of gamers, boasting an impressive 60/40 ratio among male and female gamers, and welcomes both console and PC gamers and more casual, mobile gamers who are unable to find quality news, cheats and tips about these games on more traditional sites. In fact, three of the site’s top 10 games are mobile-based. The platform was included in Open Critic’s Top 15 Most Trusted Sites list for 2016.

“Player.One is the go-to resource for the gaming community across the globe, offering gamers a completely fresh approach to gaming culture and meeting an important need of gamers everywhere for an inclusive, fan-first gaming platform,” said Mo Mozuch, Executive Editor of Player.One. “Whether you’re a console, PC-based or mobile gamer, Player.One is going to provide everything you want to know about the games you love in an inclusive, fan-friendly environment. As a long-time gamer myself, I know first-hand the content our passionate fans want and expect so they can live the gaming life to the fullest and become better players. Player.One is sure to please our audiences with our in-depth reviews, game guides, and coverage of the gaming culture.”

Player.One will be the Company’s first e-commerce portal, offering fans the ability to purchase the latest software, gadgets and games. In addition, with its huge, engaged fan base, Player.One is an attractive opportunity for advertisers trying to reach the coveted millennial audience in the rapidly growing video game market. Video games are also a strong engine for economic growth. In 2016, the industry sold over 24.5 billion games and generated more than $34.4 billion in revenue. Total game sales included purchases of digital content such as online subscriptions, downloadable content, mobile applications, and social networking games.

“Today is an exciting day for all of fankind. Player.One is an important addition to the Newsweek Media Group family of brands, significantly advancing our mission to reach and engage our consumers – and, in particular, our strong base of millennials – where they live, work, and play,” said Dev Pragad, Chief Executive Officer of Newsweek Media Group. “Player.One already reaches more than 8 million unique gamers, 67% of whom are millennials, and we expect this base to grow, making Player.One an even more important destination for gamers as well as advertisers.”

Pragad continued: “We’re also particularly proud of the fact that Player.One takes to heart its ethos of being “by gamers, for gamers” offering an inclusive platform that attracts almost as many women as men – a unique phenomenon in the gaming universe – as well as an equally authentic and deep gaming experience to both console and PC players and mobile players. We are excited to see our fans’ reactions to their new site.”

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