June 9, 2017 Last Updated 4:17 pm

BillTrack50 allows journalists and bloggers free access to legislative intelligence at both the Federal and State levels

Denver, CO – June 9, 2017 — A comprehensive, web-based tool that allows easy access to federal and state legislation and regulations nationwide is now being made available free of charge to qualified journalists and bloggers by LegiNation, Inc. Called BillTrack50, this tool is the ideal way for professional journalists and bloggers covering the nation’s complex web of legislation to stay current with information at their fingertips about important potential new laws.

“We wanted to make it as simple as possible for the people with the huge responsibility of covering State Houses and Congress – journalists and an increasing number of bloggers – to have ready access to legislation at the federal and state levels in one convenient place,” says Karen Suhaka, founder and president of LegiNation, Inc. “BillTrack50 has been providing this information to various organizations for a fee for years, and now we’re making it available to reporters at no charge.”

Besides researching and tracking current bills, BillTrack50 can also help journalists and bloggers easily embed individual bill links, lists, tables, and maps of bills into articles and posts. “We have specialized in helping our clients create engaging interactive presentations of information,” Suhaka proudly points out. “This is the perfect reference tool for people covering that beat.”

Today Suhaka is introducing free access to BillTrack50 for professional journalists and bloggers. They simply need to go to the website https://www.billtrack50.com/ and register choosing the blogger/journalist option. “After they click the free trial button and enter a sample search,” Suhaka says, “we’ll contact them within about 24 hours to extend the free subscription for six months. It’s that easy.”

Suhaka, an advocate herself, has also made another significant offer to this important group of professionals who have the responsibility for covering our lawmakers and informing the public. “If the journalist or blogger credits BillTrack50 as a source or links to a bill in a post or article, BillTrack50 will reset their free subscription for a year each time, indefinitely,” she says. “In other words, they could potentially have a free subscription for as long as they wish.”

In a nutshell, BillTrack50 is the perfect vehicle for informing their audiences about what the government is really doing. The system allows journalists and bloggers to research legislation with a few clicks, gaining immediate access to bill contents, ongoing bill status, links to further resources, and more. In addition, there are simple ways to share individual bills, or lists, tables or maps of bills through easy to create “widgets.” Finally the system allows for research on specific legislators for background information, bills they sponsored, how they voted on specific topics, and more.

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