June 2, 2017 Last Updated 10:25 am

National Geographic to dedicate website home page to climate change issue for 24 hours

‘It’s not a myth, a hoax, or a conspiracy among scientists. As we argue about the path we take, let’s recall the facts that compel the journey’ — National Geographic website

The decision by the president to withdraw the US from the Paris Accord on climate change has spurred the editors of National Geographic to dedicate its entire home page to the subject, leading with the headline “Climate Change Is Real.”

The move has surprised some media observers because since September of 2015 the majority owner of the media brand is 21st Century Fox — that is to say, Rupert Murdoch. No friend of the planet (except for what its inhabitants can give him), and big friend to Donald Trump.

But the actual entity that owns the media brand is National Geographic Partners, of which Murdoch owns 73 percent, but apparently a bit of editorial independence is still possible.

Among the stories that will appear on the home page during a 24 hour period are ncludes Seven Things to Know About Climate Change, What the World Would Look Like if All the Ice Melted, Pictures Show Climate Change’s Dramatic Arctic Impact and 100 Practical Ways to Reverse Climate Change.

Also, the National Geographic documentary about climate change, Before the Flood will be re-released commercial-free for one week on nationalgeographic.com. The documentary stars Leonardo DiCaprio.

National Geographic is unique in dedicating its website now to climate change, though other titles are not completely staying away from the subject.

Discover magazine has a story on the observation that retreating ice sheets are suffering methane blowouts,  as well as a story about the possible effects on the US if the West
Antarctica ice sheet collapses. But Popular Science, which closed its comment threads specifically because it was tired of dealing with climate deniers, is noticeably staying away from the subject today.

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