May 30, 2017 Last Updated 10:59 am

Yewno launches new AI tool for Publishers: Unearth

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — May 30, 2017 — Yewno, Inc. announced today the launch of Yewno Unearth. Yewno Unearth is a truly unique transformational exploration tool for publishers based on AI technology. It uses an algorithmic approach to understand topics, sub-topics and concepts within any document to give an accurate and comprehensive view across any catalog of information.

“Yewno Unearth is allowing us to explore connections between publications that were previously locked inside the book wrapper. The potential for improved sales and marketing was an immediate draw.”
– Alan Harvey, Stanford University Press

Significantly, Unearth transcends the limitations imposed by poor metadata, and provides highly accurate and granular content information, enabling publishers to gain essential new insights about their own content, optimize operations, inform planning and accelerate sales.

“In addition to receiving highly accurate information, the efficiencies created by using Unearth have allowed our editorial, marketing and sales departments to focus on larger, more strategic questions.”
– Amy Brand, MIT Press

Yewno Unearth is the second major launch for the company following Yewno Discover which has transformed over a hundred million articles and books into a network of connected concepts and documents; enabling new serendipitous discoveries for students and researchers, and enhancing the discoverability of publishers’ content. Yewno Unearth provides publishers with an equally sophisticated topical hierarchy and concept mapping of the publisher’s own content at the title-level and across a portfolio. Using an intuitive interface, publishers can easily download detailed reports about their content at a portfolio, title, or chapter/article level. The tool can illuminate the comparative performance of various topics with a portfolio or item, and expose the usage of topics within Discover.

Yewno worked with a range of scholarly publishing development partners, incorporating their feedback to maximize Unearth’s potential use across an organization:

“What differentiates Unearth from an effective cataloging tool to a transformational tool for publishers, is that it provides essential insight for a variety of publishing functions. It can be used to enhance advanced categorization; inform acquisitions decisions; refine marketing efforts; transform institutional sales and e-commerce; and advance communication about content both internally and with clients.”
– Ruggero Gramatica, Founder and CEO, Yewno

Explore Unearth in more detail, view a demonstration, and contact Yewno to arrange a live demonstration of your organization’s content and discuss how Unearth might provide insight, increase efficiency, and demonstrate relevance.

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