May 30, 2017 Last Updated 8:14 am

Ingram-owned Tennessee Book Company acquires assets teaching platform Thrivist LLC

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — May 30, 2017 — Tennessee Book Company LLC, an Ingram Content Group company, has acquired assets of Thrivist, LLC; a teaching and learning platform to create a single, dynamic way for teachers to access both digital and print content for their classrooms.

Whether school districts have goals around personalized learning or providing easy access to digital resources, the platform provides solutions that help school districts make the transition. Thrivist will also help publishers create more connection points with Tennessee School Districts.

Currently, an estimated 54 percent of students and teachers have personal devices issued by the school. “Initiatives that drive student-to-device ratios will increase the integration of classroom technology, complimenting traditional print learning. In the K-12 school market, there has been a huge shift from primarily print to primarily digital over the last few years,” said Todd Svec, vice president K-12 content and general manager for Tennessee Book Company.

Tennessee Book Company has served as Tennessee’s state depository of printed textbooks since 1935. “K-12 schools are continuing to increase their use of digital course materials to help their students succeed. It only makes sense to help support our customers and streamline the process of making the transition of physical only course materials to a more diverse offering,” said Svec.

As content continues to go digital, Tennessee Book Company intends to uphold its dedication to the advancement of Tennessee school districts. “We have every intention of walking side-by-side with our customers as course materials shift to digital. The addition of Thrivist to our company provides our customers a one-stop shop to implement their digital content needs, with seamless and easy access,” added Svec.

“We are pleased to pair our capabilities together with Tennessee Book Company to empower teachers and better prepare K-12 students for the future,” said Andrew McGarrity, Thrivist founder and new Director of Digital Solutions for Tennessee Book Company.

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