May 23, 2017 Last Updated 1:15 pm

The Tapas free self-publishing platform for both web and mobile novels goes live

The books and comics mobile book platform Tapas reached out today to say that their free, self-publishing platform is now live.

Josh Bakken, Senior Director of Growth at Tapas Media, said that the platform is in “very open beta where people have been successfully uploading new episodes and stories for almost a week now.”

Tapas is still working out some bugs regarding their Android app, but say that should be fixed soon.

A month ago Tapas blogged that their service was up and running for comics, but not yet for novels, this notice seems to suggest they are ready to go for novels now, too.

For those interested in submitting a novel to Tapas, one simply heads over to the website and clicks/taps the Publish menu button.

Bakken said that there are a number of ways a writer gets paid. First is and ad revenue share which the writer switches on after they sign up. Another way is to participate in the tipping program, but to do that one must email gabrielleluu (at)

“A third way writers will be able to monetize is when their work gains popularity we can reclassify it as a “premium” series where we can start directly selling episodes of their stories.” Bakken said.

Tapas is a free service where readers can read micro-chapters, or episodes, then can unlock the remaining content, and hopefully “tip” the author using Tapas coins.

The company was founded in 2012 and initially launched as Tapastic, a web-based platform for independent comic artists looking to promote and monetize their work. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company says it has received over $5.4M in funding to date.

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