May 19, 2017 Last Updated 12:20 pm

Twitter suffers outages, first in UK and Japan, then elsewhere

Two waves of outages appear to have brought down the popular social media website, with many journalists put out that they cannot use their favorite way to quickly confirm news

It is a testament to Twitter’s role in journalism that when things go haywire at the social media website journalists panic a little.

Both the Sun and Daily Mail today wrote about Twitter’s outage problems in the UK and Japan, which later in the morning was followed up by problems in the US, and likely elsewhere.

The problem for journalists is that when they want to quickly confirm something they often check Twitter. But what to do when it is Twitter that is down?

According to the Daily Mail, the problems started around 6:18 BST (that’s British Summer Time for those unfamiliar with that term). Six hours later the problems have continued, with users occasionally getting a full page warning, as seen above, and sometimes getting the “Internal Server Error” message when trying to tweet.

The problem is system wide, apparently, effecting not only the web version of Twitter, but the app, as well.

DownDetector shows that the problems looked to be solved earlier today, but have arisen anew as the day wore on.

Of course, the problem with publishing a story about Twitter being down… is that you then can’t tweet about it when you are finished.

Note: About one hour after this posted the outage seems to have abated. Will update should another occur.

Later: Just after 1pm ET and Twitter’s problems have re-emerged. Looks like an especially bad day for the social media site.

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