April 27, 2017 Last Updated 1:01 pm

Only Congress may be seen as less trustworthy than the media, but leaving out much of the media world may be the reason

Recent polls seem to be frustrating many journalists who continue to see that despite their best work, large segments of the public still don’t trust them as much as they trust the president

Journalists and media reporters continue to be confused as to why supporters of the new administration hate the media so much, and discount the president’s false claims: they continue to not see much of the media world as part of their world – and Trump supporters agree.

Facebook and Google had argued for a long time that they are not media companies, yet huge numbers of Americans rely on them for their news. Breitbart and InfoWars may want recognition as legitimate media outlets, but few journalists will agree to this, despite their huge traffic numbers.

Journalists should think about those polls showing the public distrustful of the media the same way a politician sees how the public views the Congress – they know the public hates the institution, but supports their own representative. This is the way it is with the media – most say they don’t trust the media, but are they ever asked about the actual media they consume? Rarely. This is how it is possible for Trump supporters to continue to say their guy is telling it like it is, while it is the media that is lying – because this is what the media, their media, is telling them.

So, get over yourselves journalists, huge portions of the public just aren’t into you. Get over it and continue to do your jobs, the audience that you reach care a great deal about your work – and guess what, they do trust you.

Photo: journalist by Pleuntje used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

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