April 24, 2017 Last Updated 2:07 pm

New survey finds millennials still not enthusiastic about buying a smartwatch

LendEDU only asked about Apple Watch, unlike another survey TNM reported on, but results were consistent: 84% of millennials surveyed had no interest in the smartwatch

The student load marketplace site LendEDU has released a survey about the attitudes of millennials towards smartwatches and the results are consistent with other surveys recently released: few are looking to buy an Apple Watch.

In the survey, which asked 2,751 millennials “Are you going to get the Apple Watch?,” 84 percent said “No”.

“It has been a suspicion for some time now that smartwatches are not catching on like many thought they would, and LendEDU has confirmed this belief with data-driven evidence,” Mike Brown wrote on the LendEDU website.

A ReportLinker survey, which TNM reported on in March, showed that 64 percent of those surveyed still find no need for a wearable device, bad news for both Apple and Fitbit.

This survey only asked about the Apple Watch, and only young people.

Still, the counter argument from Cupertino would be that Apple makes the market, not the other way around – though history shows that Apple has sometimes misread consumer interest, or sometimes simply missed with its product (like the Newton).

“Why are smartwatches not catching on? It could be their faulty design and unattractiveness that is pushing people away. Or, it may be that everything useful on a smartwatch can be more easily accessed on a smartphone,” Brown wrote. “Today, everyone uses their phone to tell the time, which has led to watches being used solely for fashion purposes, and smartwatches do not exactly have a look that will turn heads.”

“For whatever reason, the smartwatch is one technology trend that has not caught on for millennials or anyone else, and it does not seem like it ever will.”

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