April 20, 2017 Last Updated 8:36 am

Jerry Della Femina sells The Independent to billionaire Ronald Perelman

Weekly newspaper serving The Hamptons changes hands, will launch a redesign Memorial Day, and add a new section covering local community service and charity activities

It is nice to be rich, the alternative sucks. Rich folk can buy newspapers… just because. Whether they really are interested in them, other than at election time and when the zoning board is meeting, is hard to say. But who else can afford a newspaper these days.

Jerry Della Femina, the ad executive and restaurateur, yesterday let readers of The Independent know that he had sold the paper to a friend of his, billionaire Ronald Perelman.

“It’s all good,” Della Femina said in his letter to readers

“It’s good for Jim Mackin, Kitty Merrill, and Rick Murphy, who have been working at The Independent for so many years. Their future is secure and they will be working for a dynamic new leader who will make the newspaper they love bigger and better. It’s good for the people of The Hamptons who will be enjoying a great and newly revitalized newspaper.”

The paper, as you might expect, serves a rather tony community, The Hamptons. (You know its elite because “The” has to be capitalized.)

“As the paper’s new owner,” wrote Perelman in his front page column. “I am absolutely committed to supporting The Independent’s mission with a continued focus on covering local news and events while enhancing and expanding the paper’s focus and coverage of the vibrant local arts, culture, dining, social scene and real estate.”

The new owner went on to say that a redesign will launch by Memorial Day, and a new section covering local community service and charity activities will premiere.

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