April 17, 2017 Last Updated 4:02 pm

‘Nobody’s got to use the Internet’ – Congressman defends end to net neutrality rules at town hall

The Congress is on its spring break, but a few members are holding town halls, though a number probably wish they had simply gone to the beach.

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) held a town hall where he defended his vote to strike down the proposed regulations that would stop ISPs from collecting and selling customers’ data.

“Nobody’s got to use the Internet,” Sensenbrenner said in defending his vote. He then went on to say that had the Internet been regulated from the beginning it would not exist.

“And the thing is that if you start regulating the Internet like a utility, if we did that right at the beginning, we would have no Internet. … Internet companies have invested an awful lot of money in having almost universal service now. The fact is is that, you know, I don’t think it’s my job to tell you that you cannot get advertising for your information being sold,” Sensenbrenner continued.

Of course, the Internet is, in fact, a product of government research and development, so one might say it would not exist if not for standards established early on.

The Congressman’s office tried to walk back the comments. “Actually, he said that nobody has to use the Internet. They have a choice. Big difference.”

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